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Closer to the real thing.

RealScan by ZEISS.

Nothing is as impressive as the third dimension. It visualizes an object’s size, feel and how it works. It’s a major part of the way we see the world. RealScan by ZEISS brings this perception of previously undiscovered imaging quality to tomorrow’s digital world. ZEISS uses RealScan to launch a precise process for digitalizing products in the high quality that customers have come to expect from ZEISS:  

RealScan is the result of expertise acquired over several decades of photography, coupled with the ZEISS core competency of industrial metrology. And it’s precisely this mix that enables accurate capture and reproduction of the tiniest surface structures.
RealScan by ZEISS brings us a step closer to reality.

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The future is 3D.

With RealScan, ZEISS already has the key to the presentation and documentation methods of tomorrow.
From the product presentation in the online shop to realistic representations in games and interactive training applications based on augmented reality, 3D representations are far superior to any classic product photo

and are therefore becoming ever more important throughout communication media and in our daily lives. After all, 3D allows us to view and discover objects from all sides. RealScan makes all kinds of objects tangible, in every sense of the word.

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Thanks to RealScan, you can turn and rotate the objects any which way.

RealScan adds a new dimension to product presentation. Want to present an exciting design? A technical innovation?

A key accessory? RealScan brings your product to life and ensures it’s impressive no matter which way you look at it.

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Hard-to-scan products are our specialty.

Delicious crusty bread, plush leather shoes, the fine pores of a wooden bowl or the intricate design of a plastic surface are no problem for RealScan. RealScan doesn’t simply reproduce reality, it precisely captures it.  

And when it comes to objects and materials that need to appear in 3D just like they do in real life, RealScan by ZEISS is the perfect tool to deliver exceptional results.

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RealScan is perfect for museum exhibits.

RealScan by ZEISS quickly creates a digital twin of any real object. RealScan showcases its many benefits, particularly when you need to document organic finds or artistic artifacts.

Be it flint or a sculpture, RealScan captures and reproduces every single object in all its glorious details in terms of form, structure and materials.

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RealScan opens up a whole new dimension in which to unleash your creativity.

RealScan delivers photorealistic 3D models that serve as an ideal starting point, no matter what your needs. From simple object presentation to high-resolution product images from the virtual photo studio, the world is your oyster.  

RealScan gives you so many opportunities to be creative; in the virtual realm, you have the final say when it comes to the setting, perspective and light.

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Each and every object is bathed in natural light before being scanned.

The object can now be illuminated in the virtual realm and viewed from every angle.

The illumination and background create a wonderful setting for the photorealistic, scanned 3D model. Your imagination knows no bounds.

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What you see once,

RealScan sees four times.

Any 3D object captured by the ZEISS RealScan is the product of a series of patented processes. RealScan object measurement captures the object and transfers it to a precise spatial data model. At the same time, the highly sensitive RealScan color detection identifies the smallest nuances and shading to create realistic color texture.  

New algorithms for data reconstruction and image processing are constantly optimized and enhanced by ZEISS, and form the backbone of the process chain. These precisely matched processes create a 3D representation of reality that suits any light situation in the virtual environment. Not only does RealScan deliver all standard data formats, it can now meet individual customer needs at any time.

The variable resolution of the polygon structure forms the basis for the geometric model.

Accurate visualizations of surfaces and their details determine the size of the object.

Texture coordinates can be used to allocate the relevant color information to every point on the surface of the object in a distortion-free manner.

Assigning detailed textures and object-specific material properties creates a true-to-life 3D model that can be viewed from all angles.

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RealScan – tailor-made every time.

The ZEISS RealScan services enable you to digitalize individual objects or your entire inventory. Alternatively, you can offer RealScan services in conjunction with a scanner at your company.
From simple 3D visualizations on websites, apps and in games to photorealistic stills for high-resolution printed products, RealScan by ZEISS has the right solution for the majority of applications.

ZEISS offers two versions of RealScan:
You can either hire the hardware and software you need from ZEISS and even generate the 3D models yourself via the ZEISS Cloud.
Alternatively, you can use the ZEISS Scan Center and send ZEISS the objects you’d like to have scanned.