Innovation: Focus on the future

"Innovation is a way of life at ZEISS. You might even say it is in the company's genes. "Optical technologies are key technologies for our future. Their technological and scientific applications will increasingly appear in our daily lives", said Dr. Michael Kaschke, President and CEO of ZEISS.

The company has stood for innovation for almost 170 years. The research and technology teams work intensively on constantly expanding the technology leadership. The ownership structure lays the foundation for ensuring that investments in innovations can be made with vision and foresight.

Facts and figures

In order to boost its leading position, the Group invests in research and development on an ongoing basis.


The future is innovation

Three major factors safeguard the future success of ZEISS.


Researchers and innovators

With our passion for excellence, we create value for our customers and inspire the world to see in new ways.


Promoting young scientists

Promoting future scientists is anchored in the company statutes – a specification of Ernst Abbe who established the Foundation.


Trends and perspectives

Optical technologies pave the way for many innovations in numerous industries.


ZEISS Museum of Optics

Discover a thousand fascinating exhibits and learn all about the development of important products and technologies in the world of optics at ZEISS. You can try out numerous exhibits yourself, and you’ll enjoy the planetarium with a 4.6 meter dome.


History of innovation

The history of the high-tech group of companies started back in 1846 with a trial and error approach to optical production.

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ZEISS New Venture

ZEISS launches dedicated New Venture operations to invent, develop, and commercialize leading edge technologies for global markets.

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Digital Innovation Partners

Welcome to the Digital Innovation Partners which enable and accelerate the digital transformation of ZEISS @speed and @scale.