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The moment when digital excellence makes our customers successful. This is the moment we work for.
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
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Shaping the digital future of ZEISS

Digital Innovation Partners

Welcome to Digital Innovation Partners, a newly formed unit within the ZEISS Group. We have a clear goal: Enabling and accelerating the digital transformation of ZEISS @speed and @scale. We are developing digital solutions jointly with the ZEISS business groups and we are accelerating innovation that delivers a future value for our customers and our company. We will do this by building on our incredible 170 year heritage of successful innovations.

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Focus topics

New solutions that change the world

Globalization and digitalization are changing customer requirements and markets rapidly. It is now more important than ever to understand and implement innovations that customers need and expect in the future. ZEISS will offer its customers increasingly an integrated solution portfolio – consisting of hardware, software and services.

Our challenges are in various fields:

IoT/Industrie 4.0

Customer Interaction Portal


Smart Connected Products

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Our approach

Way of working at Digital Innovation Partners

At ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners we encourage creative thinking and innovation. Based in an inspiring environment in Munich, Germany, we work in agile and interdisciplinary teams, believe in flat hierarchies and demand a high personal level of responsibility and commitment.

The ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners combine the drive and the agility of a start-up with the financial stability and the know-how of an internationally successful, established company.

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Meet the team

Your colleagues to shape ZEISS' digital future

We accelerate the digital transformation of ZEISS by supporting the business groups to develop cool digital products and services @speed and @scale. We also aim to develop new business models jointly with our business groups.

Head of Digital Innovation Partners

I love to develop a workplace culture where my colleagues find the space to fully grow their talents. If we are to benefit our costumers, we understand that self-efficacy & great teamwork do contribute to creating first-class products.

Agile Coach

I’m focused on solutions more than problems – sometimes all it takes is some change on how you see the world.

Software Engineer

I like to learn a little bit about everything and use this knowledge to help people from all areas work together.

Senior Software Developer

I believe understanding problems users are facing and looking at the system from their perspective is crucial in creating successful products.

Frontend Developer

I am passionate about adding the digital capabilities required for the future on top of our great optical and engineering competencies.

Director Digital Business & Ecosystems

My passion lies in new and innovative projects, where I can contribute many ideas and shape them by critically discussing them with my colleagues.

Business Analyst

I’m not afraid of new challenges, I embrace them, and try to do right things in a right way.

Frontend Developer Customer Interaction

A good User Interface is never final. It is all about continuous improvement.

User Interface Designer

I’m always keen to break down complex things to make them understandable for our customers.

Senior Experience Designer

I am a Geographer with a passion for innovative digital solutions - always trying to create the best product for our customers’ needs.

Project Leader

I love to work on challenges by diving into our user’s needs, co-creating and testing designs.

Junior User Experience Designer

I build processes and tools to help the team focus on their work and to make sure our projects scale to customers' needs.

Senior DevOps Specialist

I am always and everywhere connected, impatient, a master of procrastination, hybrid traits of a geek and a nerd.

Devran "Cosmo"
Senior Product Engineer

With an excellent team and laser focus, we will bring digital solutions to live.

Business Developer

I am fascinated about exploring the collisions between science, art, nature and technology by design.

Visual Interaction Designer

I love contributing to find the most elegant, scalable, and extensible solution that can be developed at speed.

Solution Architect

Science and Technology fascinates me, and I love being part of bringing it forward by developing high-quality software just like ZEISS lenses.

Software Engineer

I am passionate about building useful products with a delightful experience and learn new things on the way.

Senior Software Engineer

We operate within project, business, technology and design goals. I’m glad to help connect the dots with a rationale from user experience point of view to make our digital projects fly.

Senior User Experience Designer

I am using functional programming, deep learning and meta-optimization to build an AI that rules the world - in a good way.

Data Scientist

I love working with people from all over the world, because diversity keeps us thinking, discussing and finally finding new innovative and amazing solutions.

Senior Office Coordinator

I am a creative geek and proactive software developer. But, and this is a big one, I also enjoy designing eye candy user interfaces.

Senior Product Engineer

With a passion for innovative business models and information technology, I help connecting the dots and building the digital products of tomorrow.

Digital Business & Ecosystems Developer

The Impact of IoT is able to transform established High-Tech Industries to established High-Tech Service Industries. I’m really eager to do my part for that transformation at ZEISS.

Director Architecture & Engineering

I appreciate working in diverse teams while constantly keeping the mastering of my own topics and the exchange with my peers in mind.

Data Scientist

I am passionate about understanding the underlying concepts and creating stuff in this fast-paced, highly creative medium, called the internet.

Software Engineer

I enjoy complex scenarios where you need to pay attention to small details you would not normally think of.

Senior Product Engineer

I am passionate about creating environments that support organisational agility and responsiveness focused on continuous improvement and flow of incremental value delivery to our customers and colleagues.

Agile Coach

I am passionate about improving our effectiveness by delivering high-leverage solutions to customers.

Senior Frontend Engineer

I love to create and design intuitive experience design concepts and tools that are simple to use.

User Experience Designer

Automate Everything!

Senior Software Engineer

I create software prototypes and adapt agile development methods to bring innovative digital systems to life.

Software Architect

My passion is to use predictive models and big data tools for creating smart applications and business insights.

Data Scientist

I am an entrepreneurial thinker with a knack for numbers and operations – always approaching a project from the prospective of strategy, delegation and optimization.

Business Analyst

I am a creative and passionate code monkey, always on the hunt for new and unconventional solutions with focus on the best possible user experience.

Senior Product Engineer

As a former biophysicist and a user of ZEISS products, I am passionate about transforming the digital spectrum of the ZEISS portfolio and bringing the best digital experience back to my former peers.

Senior Product Engineer

My passion is to create and design intuitive and innovative interfaces and translate customer insights into opportunities for new products and services.

Director of Design & Insights

For me, strong focus and passion for creative solutions will drive our success.

Project Leader

My passion is to improve the user experience of our products and software to ensure they fit our customers‘ needs.

Service & User Experience Designer


Scrum Master

What I like most about my job is that I can be extremely creative and that I work with people so smart that have the power to change the world in just one sprint.

Scrum Master

I love building systems which can be used by millions and maintained by few.

Senior Software Engineer

I love building digital products that significantly improve our users' lives.

Senior Software Engineer

Conceptualizing and realizing life-improving, game-changing digital solutions, with a talented and open-minded team, is my passion.

Digital Business and Ecosystems Developer

For me, team spirit and capabilities, end-to-end responsibilities and clear focus are the most crucial elements for our long-term success.

Chief Digital Product Owner

I am passionate about people development and always open minded for new input and ideas.

Senior Project Coordinator

You at ZEISS. Innovative products can only be developed and produced with highly qualified and motivated staff. We are looking for you!

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Matthias Gohl

Head of Digital Innovation Partners
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Past events
ZEISS Hackathon Munich
28-30 April 2017 
ZEISS Hackathon: VISIONary ideas wanted 19-21 January 2018